• Company - Elsevier
  • Time - 2009-2012
  • Contribution - marketing support, logo design, user interview, concept testing, high fidelity mockup, frontend coding in html, css, and javascript

ElsevierBiofuel is an online information portal for Alternative Energy researchers. The portal supports searching through multiple sources, such as research articles, books and patents.

The portal has two modules: advanced search module and comparison search module. Advanced search enables faceted search on multiple sources. Comparison search allows researcher to recover literature based on exstensive search on all related terms.

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ElsevierBiofuel homepageFigure 1. ElsevierBiofuel Homepage ElsevierBiofuel search resultFigure 2. ElsevierBiofuel Search Result Page ElsevierBiofuel comparison search pageFigure 3. ElsevierBiofuel Comparison Search Page ElsevierBiofuel logo designFigure 4. Elsevier Alternative Energy Series Logo Design

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