LISA - comparison search interface

  • Organization - Centrum Wiskunde Informatica
  • Time - 2009
  • Contribution - Gathering user requirement, user interviews, develop use cases, interaction design, UI mockup, concept testing, visual design, HTML+CSS implementation, and usability testing.

LISA is a comparison search interface for artworks from multiple data sources. This application allows art researchers and curators compare sets/groups of artworks. The application uses various visualization tools, such as maps, scatterplot, and barchart, to help identify similarities and differences between the two selected artwork sets.

This research was supported by the MultimediaN project through the BSIK program of the Dutch Government and by the European Commission contract FP6-027026, KSpace.

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LISA Compare sets with map interfaceFigure 1. Compare sets with map interface LISA Compare sets with barchart interfaceFigure 2. Compare sets with barchart interface

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